Nothing On The Market Even Comes Close To What VideoPal Does – At Any Price !

The few avatar apps which are currently available require expensive monthly subscriptions and therefore are highly-limited in functionality when compared with VideoPal. And none the strategies even work natively on mobile browsers like VideoPal Software does. Major web brands and Fortune 500 companies are paying top dollar to obtain this type of technology running on the sites.

Nothing On The Market Even Comes Close To What VideoPal Does – At Any Price !

The software enables users to link and interact with site visitors in ways in which pop-ups, widgets along with other web conversion tools just can‘t. It helps users reach over to their visitors and obtain their attention. After that, the merchandise helps these visitors to bring a particular desired action like get on user’s list, click a buy button, and much more.

Our development team spent months testing VideoPal head-to-head against the leading competing avatar apps. And VideoPal leads the pack hands down !. Simply put, none from the competing apps can touch everything VideoPal can perform. As an example, VideoPal’s proprietary “invisible background” effect works on any browser or display (desktop or mobile), unlike the competition. It‘ll even work by yourself uploaded videos. It took serious cutting-edge development to pull that off. And all of this just scratches the surface !

With Video Pal, marketers can add call-to-action buttons, opt-in forms, coupon codes, countdown timers and text on top from the VideoPal videos to enhance conversions, drive more leads and boost revenues.


Nothing To Download, Install Or Update… Ever…

Our team of dedicated developers are continuously updating the app – seamlessly and behind the scenes. This ensures VideoPal will continually be current using the constant changes and updates by various browsers and mobile device platforms, whatever happens. We also will continuously add new features and functionality based upon the feedback in our users.

Nothing On The Market Even Comes Close To What VideoPal Does – At Any Price !

We Have Been Beta-Testing VideoPal For Several Months With Top Marketers, As Well As Newbies And Business Owners. VideoPal Software Review


VideoPal is definitely an INCREDIBLE. This is the greatest software tool I have ever had, the video avatars are stunning and highly engaging !


This really is cool technology – you are able to add buttons, timers, and optin forms towards the video avatars. It is a should have !


If you‘re doing any type of video marketing online, VideoPal is really a should have. Highly recommended !


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